Sliding Shower Door

Sliding glass shower door

Bathroom doors with glass, Sliding shower door water guard, best options with custom design and professional installation, options and design for walk in shower is based on structural aspects and convination of different hardware, a custom design is always recommended to get a perfect adjustment

Sliding chrome stainless steel system with tempered glass 3/8 in

bathroom frameless Slider doors installation services are also included in our business .

This is a traditional style for bathrooms especially with less space and recommended when there are children or people with certain disabilities conditions. Can be used in shower or bathtubs

Normally we use tempered clear safety glass 3/8 inches with stainless steel metal with different glass hardware finish like chrome, brushed nickel, gold, black matt. The 4 wheel rooling system provides an extra strengh for the entire system and is a valuable investment since it will provide a solid estructure and balance and more adjustement for the door.

Sliding shower door construction details.

Advantages of custom- made designs.

Usually there is no perfect leveled bathroom tile, when you purchase stock shower doors usually you have gaps between the glass and the tile that has to be fill with clear silicon to avoid splash out of the water.

Tempered glass for doors

Is a treatment for glass using termal or chemical procedures to increase the strenght of the regular glass putting internal tension and external compression in case of accidents it will shatter into small granular chunks. You can find retailers like homedepot and lowes with brands like dreamline, Vigo and delta are very used in bathrooms for shower screen.

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